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Now that summer is here, you and your family are spending a lot of time in the water. What you probably didn’t know is that your skin isn’t the only part of your body that can get burned by the sun. There is a condition known as photokeratitis or corneal sunburn that, like regular sunburn, can be very unpleasant. The chlorine in pools and the salt in seawater can also irritate your eyes. In today’s post, your eye care specialists from Spectrum Eye Care shares a few tips on how to protect your eyes when out swimming.

Take Out Your Contact Lenses

If you decide to go swimming with your contact lenses on, losing them in the water should be the least of your worries. Swimming with your contact lenses on puts you at risk for a corneal infection. You see, when you open your eyes underwater with your lenses on, bacteria or chemicals can be embedded into your lenses, exposing your eye for far longer than it normally would.

Wear Sunglasses

Ask any eye doctor and they will be quick to tell you that the rays of the sun can reflect off of water and sand. When spending a day at the beach or lounging beside the pool, always put on your sunglasses. However, not all sunglasses are created equal so be sure to wear a pair that offers 100 percent protection from UV rays.

Flush Out Your Eyes

After swimming, it is always a good idea to flush out your eyes with artificial tears right after you get out of the water to help restore their pH and get rid of any irritants. In a pinch, you can use regular tap water but do know that tap water can also harbor some bacteria so only use it in emergencies.

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