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Not many people are aware of this, but your skin isn’t the only thing on your body that can be burned by too much exposure to the sun. Your eyes can also be severely sunburned if you do not take care to protect them when you are out and about during the day. So, in today’s post, the LASIK eye surgery specialists over at Spectrum Eye Care shares a few tips on how to avoid sunburned eyes.

When You Should Be Careful

Don’t worry, you do not have to wear sunglasses every time you are out on a sunny day. However, there are some instances where we strongly recommend that you protect your eyes. The most obvious instance is when you are spending time near water.

This is because the sun can reflect off of water and sand, causing more severe UV exposure. To avoid corneal sunburn, your optometrist may suggest that you wear sunglasses when you are lounging by the pool, lake, or ocean.

UV rays are also present in artificial light such as welding machines and reptile basking bulbs. If you are a fan of tanning beds, it is imperative that you protect your eyes as tanning beds can produce up to one hundred times the amount of UV rays that the sun does.

How To Protect Your Eyes

One thing you have to remember is that not all sunglasses are created equal. When shopping around for new sunglasses, make sure that you buy a pair that can block or absorb at least 90 percent of UV rays. For added protection, you can also wear a brimmed hat in addition to your sunglasses when spending time outdoors during the day.

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