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Eyes become a lighter color when they lack pigment or melanin. It is the reason some people have blue eyes and those with more melanin have darker ones. Moreover, many believe that blue-eyed individuals are more prone to eye damage due to the sun.

Find out if this is true from a local optometrist.

Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to the Sun?

Photophobia or light sensitivity is the sensation you feel after getting exposed to bright conditions. It usually does not cause permanent vision loss. You’ll know you have it if your eyes excessively water or you squint under bright lighting conditions. People with light-colored eyes, such as gray, blue, and green, are more susceptible to photophobia.

Having lighter-colored eyes means you are more sensitive to light. It also indicates that you are at a higher risk of developing macular degeneration due to the lack of this protective pigment. If you are at risk of this condition, you must regularly get an eye exam because it only usually manifests symptoms in its early stages. Routinely seeing an eye doctor can help with the early detection and treatment of macular degeneration.

Make Sure Your Eyes Stay Protected

If you have light-colored eyes, the more you need to stay protected against sun damage. Make sure to wear UV-blocking sunglasses when going outside, and if possible, limit your sun exposure. Another thing that can help is to wear wide-brimmed hats when outdoors. Moreover, even if your eyes are of a darker shade, proper sun protection is still important. Excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of conditions, such as cataracts and eye growths.

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