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UV rays are what causes sunburns. But while you’re lathering on the sunscreen this summer before hitting the pool, don’t forget about your eyes, which can also be harmed by UV exposure. In this post, our resident optometrist shares a few tips on how to keep your eyes safe during the brightest time of the year.

Wear a Quality Hat

Wearing the right type of hat can greatly limit your eyes’ exposure to UV rays. Hats with opaque rims or bills can block sunlight more effectively, and larger hats will provide better overall coverage. Translucent or hats with thin fabrics aren’t as effective, but they’re better than nothing.

Wear Glasses With UV Protection

You will notice that some sunglasses contain a label that says they provide UV protection. These glasses have lenses that feature special UV-resistant coatings, blocking UV rays without sacrificing visibility.

Pick the Right Glasses

Aside from checking if your eyeglasses offer adequate UV protection, pay attention to their overall design.

Eyeglasses with “wraparound” lenses form a better shield over your eyes since they also block UV rays coming from the side. After your eye exam, don’t hesitate to ask your eye doctor to recommend a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Wear Sunglasses Even on Cloudy Days

You may think that it’s safe to ditch the sunglasses and hats if you’re going out on a cloudy day, but that’s not the case. UV rays from the sun can easily pass through haze and clouds. LASIK eye surgery experts recommend always wearing UV eye protection regardless of how cloudy it is.

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