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November is National Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month, and as your trusted eye care center in the area, it would be worth noting the several ways diabetes can affect your eyes and your vision. Diabetic eye diseases, is a general term for a group of complications associated with diabetes, including cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Individuals between 20 to 74 years old who have been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels are at risk of contracting any of these conditions. Fortunately, these can be treated and prevented when detected early through a comprehensive eye exam.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Diabetic Eye Disease

All types of diabetic eye diseases can lead to vision loss. Apart from cataracts and glaucoma, people with diabetes are at higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy macular edema. In the early stages of this condition, the blood vessels in the retina start to weaken. In the latter stages, new vessels may grow in the retina to replace weakened ones, but this may not happen normally. This can cause further vision problems and may lead to retinal damage.

Some of the most common types of retinal damage include bleeding and scarring on the back of the eye, an increase in eye pressure and retinal detachment. All of these can lead to blindness if not detected and treated properly by a trusted optometrist.

How to Protect Your Vision From the Effects of Diabetes

Early diagnosis and treatment can go a long way in keeping your eyesight healthy. If you want to protect your vision, you should get your eyes checked annually by a reputable eye care center. They can detect early signs of diabetic eye disease and make the proper treatment or management to prevent vision loss. Eating healthier and exercising regularly are preventative measures to help control both your blood sugar and pressure.

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