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If you are an avid reader, you are probably familiar with eye strain, especially when the lighting in the room is inadequate. Reading in the dark does not actually cause eye damage, but it may contribute to eye strain and headaches. In this post, a trusted optometrist shares essential eye-friendly reading tips:

Brightness of the Reading Area

If you prefer reading on a digital device over a print material, you should harmonize the illumination coming from the screen with the lighting in the reading area. As a general rule, the lighting in the reading area should be brighter than the light on the device you are using. You should also never read in an entirely dark room as this will force your eyes to adjust between the screen brightness and dimly lit surroundings, causing discomfort and poor concentration.

Use Task Lighting

According to an eye exam specialist, using a light source specifically designed for performing tasks such as reading and studying will protect your eyesight. Look for a wall-mounted light fixture or a portable lamp. Make sure to place the item so it can shine directly on the page instead of over the shoulder. These practical devices will supplement the overhead light in your room when you decide to read.

The Role of Wall Colors

When decorating the walls in the room where you usually read, avoid a synthetic enamel paint and opt for light-colored shade. This is to complement the chosen lighting without creating adverse effects on your eyesight and vision.

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