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Do you put on your contact lenses before diving in for a swim or simply splashing around in the water? Many of us do, thinking nothing of it. But did you know that wearing your contacts in the water could be harmful to your eyes? In this post, Spectrum Eye Care explains why you might want to reconsider your swim-time eyewear habits.

Dangers of Wearing Contacts in the Water

Water from the ocean, lake, pool or shower has microorganisms. These can adhere to your contacts, potentially leading to eye infections or other health issues. Dirty water can also cause lenses to change shape or stick to your eye, making removal difficult and uncomfortable. Prioritizing eye care, including the correct usage of contact lenses, is essential to avoiding such risks.

The Role of Eyeglasses

So, what’s the solution if you can’t see clearly without your contacts? Eyeglasses can be a great alternative. This doesn’t mean you should miss your favorite water activities. Prescription swim goggles or masks with corrected lenses are available. These options allow you to see clearly without exposing your eyes to the hazards of wearing contacts in the water.

Consulting an Eye Doctor

When it comes to your eye health, never take chances. Regular check-ups with an eye doctor are of the utmost importance. They can assess your eye health and provide personalized advice to ensure you’re suitably taking care of your eyes. If you’re someone who loves being in the water, talk to your eye doctor about the best solutions for you. They may recommend daily disposable contact lenses, prescription goggles or other measures based on your lifestyle and unique needs.

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