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With a growing number of people working at home as part of today’s “new normal,” eye strain from staring at screens has become more prevalent. It can be caused by any number of reasons but, thankfully, there are some relaxation exercises you can do to alleviate eye strain.

Eye Strain


Let expert optometrist Spectrum Eye Care walk you through some essential vision relaxation techniques to help keep your eyes healthy all day long:

Avoiding Dry Eye Syndrome

LASIK eye surgery can often cause temporary dry eye symptoms but they always disappear after a few hours of rest and recovery. Additionally, prolonged exposure to screens, for example when working on a computer or watching television, can also leave your eyes dry and irritated. The body can naturally alleviate dry eyes by blinking. Try to blink more often if you experience signs that your eyes might be drying out.

Use Your Hands

Eye doctors usually warn against the dangers of rubbing your eyes, but there is also a safe way to relax eye strain using your palms. Cup your hands and place them over your closed eyes, applying gentle pressure. Continue to stare at the darkness and focus on the distance, all while your eyes are closed. Keep them this way for 30 seconds to relieve the stress in your eyes.

Vision and Movement

An eye exam is always helpful to determine if you need vision correction. However, for strained eyes, you can also exercise movement with a simple motion. Visualize a large figure 8 about 10 feet away from you. Turn this 8 sideways so it looks like the symbol for infinity. Trace this figure with your eye movement for a minute or two. This can help maintain clear vision if you do it regularly.

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