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It isn’t uncommon for people 40 and older to need progressive eyeglasses or contact lenses. With this type of eyewear, you can see clearly at all distances. The upper area of the lenses allows you to see distant objects, the middle portion lets you focus on intermediate objects, and the lower part improves close-up vision.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of progressive lenses.

What Are the Advantages of Progressive Lenses?

Enhanced Vision

Progressive lenses allow users to see clearly at any distance without switching eyeglasses. They offer a better transition than regular prescriptions, so you’re less likely to strain your eyes.

Improved Comfort

Conventional bifocal and trifocal lenses have prominent lines. They aren’t something you will see on progressive lenses. The lack of visible lines makes them more comfortable to wear. That’s why they are ideal for tasks that require prolonged eyeglass wear, such as using a computer or driving.

Better Appearance

Since progressives don’t have noticeable lines, they look more aesthetically pleasing. You can also get them in various frame styles and materials.

What Are Their Downsides?

Longer Adjustment Period

It can take more time to adapt to progressive lenses compared to usual prescription glasses. You might experience slight discomfort for around two weeks. If you still struggle with your glasses after this period, let your eye doctor know. They might need to make adjustments to your eyewear to address the issue.

Requires Practice

You’ll have to practice looking at the correct area of progressive lenses for the activity you’re currently doing. For instance, you’ll have to consciously look at the lower portion of the lenses when going up the stairs. If you’re walking, you’ll have to focus on the upper portion of the lenses.

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