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Eyeglasses are one of the most common vision correction tools. However, they need to fit properly to be comfortable. In today’s post, Spectrum Eye Care, a top optometrist in the region, shares what you need to know about ensuring a proper fit for your eyeglasses.


Size and Shape Consideration


It’s important to choose the right size frame for the shape and width of your face. Getting eyeglasses that are too wide will cause them to frequently slide off of your face. If the frame is too small, it can cause chafing around your ears, which is painful and irritating.


Proper Positioning


Frames with the proper arm length and bridge placement can work wonders for your day-to-day activities and comfort. If your frame has arms that are too long, your eyeglasses may look awkward on your head when you’re viewed from the side, and if the arm curves at the end, the curve will not be positioned properly behind your ear. If the arms are too short, this can cause discomfort  and place a great amount of stress on the frame itself. 


Additionally, if the bridge of your eyeglasses is not properly aligned to the level of your eyes, the lenses can either end up being too close to your eyes, compromising your vision and comfort, or can end up being too loose, making the eye to lens alignment awkward and uncomfortable. If your frames are just right but you’re still experiencing vision issues, an eye exam may be in order.




Aesthetics matter too. If you live an active lifestyle, it is best to get frames that are durable and lenses that are impact and scratch-resistant. If you feel you want a classy yet durable set of eyeglasses, get a wire-frame package that suits your preferences. Optometrists and their assistants are not just there to help you see better, they also help in giving you choices to pick from when it comes to frames and lenses. So don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance!

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