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You may have heard that your eyes need to “breathe” to preserve your eye health and vision. But is this actually true or just one of the many myths surrounding the visual organs? Your optometrist from Spectrum Eye Care answers the question below.

The Importance of Oxygen

As it turns out, your eyes do need to “breathe.” Like every other cell in your body, they need oxygen to stay healthy and function normally. Lack of sufficient oxygen in your eyes can cause the following symptoms:

  • Redness – The lack of oxygen causes veins to appear on the sclera or the white part of your eyes.

  • Discomfort – You may feel some pain or discomfort due to the insufficient oxygen getting through your eyes.

  • Hazy Vision – Your eyes may also not be receiving enough oxygen if everything you see looks cloudy or hazy.

Schedule an eye exam if you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms. Leaving these unaddressed can cause optical damage, including warping of the cornea or even corneal ulceration.

A Word of Advice for Contact Lens Wearers

People who wear contact lenses are more likely to have insufficient oxygen levels in their eyes. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your eyes healthy through proper lens wear and care:

  • Replace your lenses. Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposable lenses, make sure to follow the wearing schedule and replace them once the time is up.

  • Never overwear your lenses. Give your eyes time to breathe every day. Wearing your contacts from the time you wake up to when you remove them before going to bed won’t allow your eyes to get enough oxygen.

  • Practice contact lens care. Always use a fresh cleaning solution when cleaning your contacts. Keep your hands clean as well when doing so.

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