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It’s crucial to maintain clean and clear eyeglasses for both improved vision and eye health. Unfortunately, many unknowingly commit common mistakes while cleaning their specs, leading to potential damage. In this post, eye care experts at Spectrum Eye Care share the best ways to clean your eyeglasses properly.

The Right Way

Your eyeglasses need a special touch. A soft microfiber cloth and a specialized lens cleaning spray are your best allies in keeping your glasses in spectacular shape, as your eye doctor recommends. The former effectively removes smudges and debris without risking scratches, ensuring your vision stays crisp and clear. The latter, meanwhile, is specially formulated for eyeglasses to help to dissolve stubborn residues, leaving your lenses spotless.

The Wrong Way

You might be familiar with the urge to rub your glasses with your shirt or use household detergents to clean them. However, these methods can cause more harm than good. Rubbing your glasses with your shirt can lead to scratches, diminishing the quality of your lenses over time. Household detergents may contain abrasive substances that can damage the lens coating, affecting your eyeglasses’ aesthetics.

Consequences of Improperly Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

In addition to muddied vision, improper cleaning can take a toll on your eyeglasses. Scratches can lead to distortions in your vision, and damaged coatings can affect your glasses’ performance. Furthermore, the frames of your eyeglasses aren’t exempt from wear and tear due to improper cleaning, which could affect their fit and feel. Preserving your eyeglass frames and lenses is thus key to maintaining your eyewear’s overall performance.

Additional Eyewear Care Tips

Caring for your eyeglasses goes beyond just cleaning. Sometimes, your glasses might need a professional touch for an optimal fit. Regular adjustments and consultations can ensure your glasses serve your vision needs the best. Proper storage, for instance, can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Just like you, your eyeglasses also benefit from a routine check-up.

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