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There’s no age limit to when a child can start wearing contact lenses. Some as young as six years old can even be trained to properly insert and remove the contacts themselves, but this is only after they’re determined to be responsible enough to take care of them. Contact lenses aren’t toys, after all, and if they’re not used correctly, they can cause serious eye injury.

If you want to find out if your child is ready for contact lenses, our eye care experts discuss what you need to look for below:

Drive, Maturity and Responsibility 

One of the key aspects that ensure your children are ready for contact lenses is that they simply wish to wear contact lenses. They might even be asking you if they can wear them if they feel unhappy with their current eyeglasses! Also, don’t force your children to switch to contacts if they don’t want to just yet. They should also show clear signs of maturity and responsibility for their age, such as taking care of their glasses regularly without damaging them and/or doing chores without being told.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Contact lenses should be kept clean at all times to ensure the eyes don’t get infected while they’re in use. Check if your child regularly washes their hands after using the bathroom. If they already do this out of habit, then it’s a good sign that they’re ready to switch from eyeglasses to contacts. Another sign is how they regularly brush their teeth without being reminded too often.

Inclination to Play Sports

Children who frequently play sports tend to enjoy better vision and have more options for protective eyewear when they use contact lenses. Eyeglasses can be inconvenient since they can slip off due to sweat or even get broken after an accidental impact. The broken glass from the impact can cause serious eye injuries if not properly protected!

If you’re considering contact lenses for your child, we recommend setting up an appointment with a trusted eye doctor. Turn to Spectrum Eye Care, and call us at (704) 817-4600 to set an appointment. You may also fill out our convenient online request form to get started!