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Playtime can help stimulate and sharpen your child’s vision skills. In this post, eye care specialist Spectrum Eye Care discusses how playtime can contribute to your child’s visual development. We also recommend a few toys and games for every stage of development.

Playtime and Vision Development

Newborns can only perceive a lightness and darkness. As they grow bigger and further develop their senses, their vision skills sharpen, enabling them to perform complex visual tasks. To help stimulate and sharpen their vision, toys and games can be used as aids during play activities. Your child should also have their first eye exam as early as six months old. Regular visits to the optometrist will help you monitor the progress of your child’s vision development.

Recommended Toys and Games

Listed below are some of the toys and games that your eye doctor will likely recommend to stimulate your child’s visual skills during playtime.

1. 0-5 months – squeak toys, bright and large rattles, peek-a-boo, crib mobiles

2. 6-8 months – stuffed animals, floating bath toys, hide-and-seek, storytelling

3. 9-12 months – blocks, take-apart toys, stacking or nesting toys, rolling a ball, storytelling

4. One year old – rocking horse, blocks, bright balls, riding toys, throwing a ball, storytelling

5. Two years old – crayons, markers, peg hammering toys, sorting shapes and sizes, puzzles, catch, outdoor play, storytelling

6. Three to six years old – building toys, puzzles, pegboards, modeling clay, finger paint, connect-the-dot games, climbing, running, balance beam, playground equipment

7. Seven years old – bicycle, roller skates, jump ropes, target games, puzzles, remote-controlled toys, active sports

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