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Eyeglasses and contact lenses help people with visual acuity problems see clearly. Many people stick with their glasses because they can still see great while wearing them. However, just because your pair gives you a clear vision does not mean that it does not need upgrading.

Keep on reading to find out how often you need to get fitted for a new pair of glasses.

How Often Should You Get Fitted for a New Pair?

The American Optometric Association recommends adults get an eye exam at least once a year or once every two years. How often you need to see your eye doctor depends on your risk for certain eye conditions. During the exam, your eye specialist will check if you need to get new glasses. If there are changes in your vision, you will be prescribed a stronger prescription.

Signs You Need New Eyeglasses

Frequent Headaches

When you don’t have the right eyeglass prescription, your eyes and brain will work harder. It causes tension on your eye muscles, causing headaches and eye strain.

Double Vision

A person can get double vision if their eyes are perceiving two images of a single object. It indicates that the eyes are not coordinated or working together properly, resulting in double vision.


Have you noticed that when you squint, you see better? It’s because squinting allows a small, concentrated amount of light into your eyes, resulting in better vision. However, it only allows you to see clearly temporarily.

You’ve Had the Same Pair for Years

If it’s been years since you got your eyeglasses, it’s definitely a sign you need to get checked for a new one. Experts suggest seeing your eye doctor regularly or at least once a year since eye health is related to your age and overall health.

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