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Various vision problems can result from a head injury or concussion. According to studies, eye issues may affect 69 percent to 82 percent of concussed patients, no matter their age. 

Read on to learn the possible side effects of a concussion to your vision from a local eye care provider. 

Light Sensitivity

Photophobia or light sensitivity can be triggered by certain light sources, such as fluorescent lighting and bright sunlight. Studies have also suggested that LCD screens from computers, tablets, or smartphones can also be harmful to photophobia following a concussion. The impact of head trauma can result in displacement, irritation, or injury in various pain-sensitive brain structures. 

Eye Pain

Concussed patients can experience a stabbing pain or a dull ache in or around the eye as well as redness, burning, and itchiness. The trauma that caused the concussion can also lead to an accommodation spasm, which can cause eye pain. It’s when one of the muscles around the eye contracts and remains in that position for some time. Immediately seek your eye doctor or medical help if you’re experiencing eye pain following head trauma. 

Double Vision

Blurry vision is common in concussed patients. It can be caused by damage to the muscles or nerves surrounding the eye. Double or blurred vision after head trauma can also be a sign of a serious neurological disorder like migraine aura or migraine-associated vertigo. 

Vision Loss

Different forms of partial or complete vision loss can affect concussed patients. Some experiences blind spots in their peripheral vision while others have reduced vision in half od the visual field. It can be caused by a direct or obvious eye injury or a trauma to the main optic nerve in the back of the eye. 

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