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Healthy vision and clear eyesight are a vital part of children’s social and physical development. Children learn about the world around them by using their senses, and having clear eyesight helps them explore the world with confidence.

Unfortunately, eye problems in children can be hard to detect, which is why parents need to be vigilant. Read on as the eye care professionals at Spectrum Eye Care discuss signs of hidden vision problems in children.

Poor Attention Span

If your child tends to lose interest when participating in games, hobbies or other activities that require using their eyes for extended periods, this could indicate that they have a vision problem. Activities such as reading, writing and sports require clear vision and can be difficult for children with a vision problem.

Recurring Headaches

Recurring headaches could indicate that your child is experiencing eye strain. If they already wear eyeglasses, perhaps they need a new prescription. If you notice your child squinting frequently, this could mean they’re struggling to see objects at a distance or to read small text.

Tilting Their Head to the Side

Children sometimes tilt their head to see an object or text directly in front of them more clearly. This can indicate a refractive error. Proper treatment can improve their overall comfort and academic performance.

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