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Have you ever accidentally poked your eye, or gotten debris like sand or dirt stuck in your eye? This can cause a stinging or burning sensation and may lead to a condition called corneal abrasion.

In today’s post, a top optometrist from Spectrum Eye Care discusses what can cause a corneal abrasion and how the condition should be treated.

Causes of Corneal Abrasion

The following can cause a corneal abrasion:

  • Accidentally poking your eye with a fingernail, pen or any other object
  • Getting debris like dirt, sand or sawdust in your eye
  • Splashing chemicals in your eye
  • Rubbing your eye too vigorously
  • Contracting an eye infection
  • Playing sports without protective eyewear
  • Wearing dirty or poor-fitting contact lenses
  • Overwearing your contact lenses

Signs and Symptoms

During your eye exam or check-up with your local optometrist, you’ll be asked about your symptoms. Common symptoms of corneal abrasion include:

  • A sandy or gritty sensation in your eye
  • Experiencing pain when you blink
  • Tearing and redness
  • Sensitivity to light or brightness
  • Blurred vision

First Aid Treatment

To alleviate your discomfort, try blinking your eyes repeatedly. This lubricates your eyes and helps flush out foreign particles. If you’re still experiencing pain or discomfort, try rinsing your eyes with saline solution or clean water. Fill a small glass with water or saline solution and place the rim of the glass on the base of your eye socket, slightly below your lower eyelid. Slowly allow the water to run over your eye.

Most corneal abrasions heal on their own in a couple of days. If needed, your optometrist may prescribe you antibiotic eye drops to help disinfect the affected area.

If you require LASIK eye surgery or an eye check-up, be sure to keep Spectrum Eye Care in mind. We strive to give our patients the highest quality of vision care and service. To learn more, call us at 704-334-4444 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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