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Contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. Whether you are interested in clear or colored contacts, you’ll need to obtain a prescription from an eye specialist. Colored contact lenses can be used either for aesthetic purposes or correcting your vision.

Here are a few things you need to know about colored contact lenses.

What Are the Different Types of Colored Contact Lenses?

Visibility Tint

Contact lenses with visibility tints usually have a tinge of blue or green in them. This color allows you to see the lenses better when inserting and removing them. These tints are barely noticeable, and they won’t affect your natural eye color.

Blending Tint

Color-blending contact lenses are made with tints that gradually turn opaque from the outside edges. They often create more realistic results.

Enhancement Tint

This type of colored contact lens has a solid but translucent tint, and it’s slightly darker than a visibility tint. Enhancement tint is designed to accentuate the natural color of your eye. Your eye doctor might recommend these lenses if you have light-colored eyes and want to make your eye color brighter.

Opaque Tint

Contacts with an opaque tint will completely change the color of your eye. This is a good option for people with dark-colored eyes. You can get them in various hues, such as green, blue, violet, brown, hazel and gray.

Who Can Benefit From Colored Contact Lenses?

Aside from cosmetic purposes, colored contact lenses can also be used for medical reasons. You may use them if you have injuries or scars on your eye. Research shows that they are helpful to people with color blindness. In one case study, it was found that a participant who wore red contacts had an easier time identifying the color green during eye tests.

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