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Vision correction is usually most effective when you start early. This is why your eye doctor may prescribe glasses to children who demonstrate less than stellar vision acuity. Unfortunately, kids and glasses are often a bad combination. Finicky children may find the eyeglasses annoying while others might forget wearing them altogether.


As a parent, there are ways to help ease your kids into proper vision correction therapy. Here are a few tips from our specialists at Spectrum Eye Care to help children wear eyeglasses properly and safely:

Determine the Root Cause

If your child is a little older, talk to them and ask them why they don’t like wearing their eyeglasses. The solution to their aversion can usually be found once you understand their reasons. It may be that the frames have an uncomfortable fit, which can be easily remedied by visiting your doctor. It could also be because of the reaction they get from friends and classmates, in which case, you can offer them some parental advice on how to handle such situations.

Ask the Professionals

Don’t hesitate to bring your kid to our eye doctors and optometrists to address any bad fit for frames or prescription. Most of the time, children do not want glasses that can make them look unattractive. In this case, our team of eyewear specialists can help them find a good fit for your budding fashionista.

Stay Positive

Encourage your child to be positive about their eye care. Wearing glasses can be a big deal to a young person, so they will need plenty of support and positive reinforcement to let them know this is a perfectly normal part of growing up. Make sure that wearing eyeglasses is always a good experience and, most importantly, don’t give up.

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