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It’s no secret that eye safety in the workplace is an ever-growing concern for employers, employees and healthcare professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina. This blog aims to educate employees and employers on the common causes of workplace eye injuries and diseases.

Impact Injuries

Impact injuries can range from small to serious, depending on the situation. They are often caused by a collision with a moving object or falling debris. Flying debris, such as chips, filings or sparks, can also cause workplace eye injuries. While proper safety techniques and tools like face shields can help mitigate these injuries, taking certain precautions is often necessary to ensure the highest level of protection. Employees should be aware that they need to keep their distance from any type of machinery when it is running and make sure all protective guards are utilized at all times.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can be another contributing factor to workplace eye injury. Even when using safety glasses, dimly lit workspaces can lead to an increased risk of accidents because visibility is reduced.

Prolonged Computer Use

Optometrists advise that prolonged use of computers can result in eye strain or dry eyes. To reduce the risk, Charlotte employers should provide workers with comfortable and adjustable workstations that incorporate proper lighting, appropriate seating positioning and a convenient computer setup.

Exposure to Chemicals

Exposure to hazardous or dangerous chemicals is another cause. Splashing a chemical on one’s face can potentially cause permanent damage. Employers should provide their workers with protective eyewear approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Exposure to Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light exposure in the workplace has become a more pressing concern as time goes by. Whether it’s through UV-altered windows, specialty lights used on tools or welding equipment, employers should provide their workers with eye protection that filters out the dangerous portion of ultraviolet light.

Laser and Radiation Exposure

Laser exposure can be dangerous to the eyes if proper safety tactics are not used. An accidental reflection of powerful laser light onto the unprotected eye can cause permanent damage. Radiation exposure should also be avoided at all costs, as even a small amount of radiation can result in injury or eye disease over time. Depending on where you work, you may need additional training and personal protective equipment (PPE) like lead aprons and gloves to protect yourself against hazardous strands of radiation being emitted from any machinery.

Poor Hygiene Practices

It’s essential for employers to clearly communicate the importance of proper hygiene at work and make sure their workers follow these guidelines. Workers should also be encouraged to avoid touching their eyes or rubbing them at any cost as this can further contribute to the risk of injury or even infection.

Poor hygiene practices in the workplace can spread infections quickly, which can lead to long-term vision issues. Employers should implement a strict personal and environmental protection policy (EPP), including frequent hand washing and general cleanliness.

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