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Myopia or nearsightedness causes an individual to experience difficulty seeing distant objects. Around one in 10 school-aged children have this eye condition. Its cases continue to increase, and the World Health Organization expects about half of the world’s population to be nearsighted by 2050. 

A local eye care provider shares what parents can do about childhood myopia. 

Myopia in Children

People with myopia have corneas that are too curved or eyes that are longer than normal. Imperfections in the shape of the eye will keep light from properly focusing on the retina, resulting in blurred vision. Genetics is a risk factor for childhood myopia. It means your kids are more likely to develop this eye condition if you are nearsighted. 

Constant blinking or squinting is a common indication of myopia in children. Young ones might hold items closer to their faces or complain they can’t see words on the board at school. If your child has been experiencing frequent headaches, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. They may be nearsighted and need corrective lenses. Myopia can impact your child’s academic performance and quality of life when left untreated. 

What Parents Can Do

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are vital to the early diagnosis and treatment of childhood myopia. Only eye specialists can trace changes in one’s vision and prescribe appropriate corrective eyewear. They can also catch signs of health conditions that can affect the eyes. 

Get Kids Excited About Wearing Eyeglasses

It isn’t uncommon for children to refuse to wear prescription glasses. Allowing your kid to choose their frames can make them more excited to wear eyeglasses. It can also help with their confidence and comfort. 

Encourage Little Ones to Spend More Time Outdoors

Experts believe that the increased time spent indoors on digital devices is associated with the rise of childhood myopia cases. Limiting screen time and encouraging children to play outside can benefit their vision. Studies show that healthy exposure to sunlight can keep the eyes from elongating by stimulating dopamine production. 

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