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Your eyes are your windows to the world. There are many ways to care for them, such as eating nourishing foods, taking breaks from digital screens and going regularly for eye exams. If you notice significant changes in your vision or experience severe eye discomfort, consult a specialist immediately.

Here are five signs you should visit your eye doctor.

1. Blurred Vision

Refractive errors often cause blurred vision. Schedule an eye exam if you struggle to see objects at a distance or up close. Your eye prescription might have changed, and you might need new glasses or contacts. 

2. Frequent Headaches

Have you been experiencing frequent pain around your eyes lately? If so, it may be time to update your prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Your eyes and brain will work harder than they should if you have outdated prescription eyewear, resulting in headaches. Moreover, you could also suffer from headaches if the frame of your glasses doesn’t fit right. 

3. Squinting to See Clearly

People often squint when exposed to very bright light. If you need to squint to see clearly, consult your eye doctor. Frequent squinting could be an indication your vision has changed.


4. Sensitivity to Light

Light sensitivity or photophobia can occur due to migraines and some eye and brain conditions. It can also be a symptom of a medical emergency, such as corneal abrasion, meningitis, encephalitis and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Seek immediate care if you experience severe light sensitivity to learn its underlying cause and get appropriate treatment. 

5. Seeing Halos Around Lights

Do you see rings around light sources? These halos could be an early sign of cataracts or the clouding of the eye’s lens. You could also see them if you have glaucoma, dry eye disease or migraine. After a comprehensive eye exam, your doctor will know why you’re seeing halos and recommend the best course of action. 

Don’t wait long to see your eye care provider if you experience any of these signs. Spectrum Eye Care is here to help care for your eyes and vision. Call us at (704) 817-4600 or complete our online form to schedule an appointment.