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After your child gets an eye exam, you know if they need vision correction. It’s a common question among parents if their kids can start wearing contact lenses. When it comes to children wearing contacts, maturity weighs more than age.

Keep on reading to find out if it is safe for your children to wear contact lenses.

Are Contacts Safe for Kids?

A child can tolerate contact lens wear at a young age. Younger individuals are less likely to develop dry eye syndrome, which can cause contact lens-related issues for adults. Sometimes, younger children follow instructions about safe contact lens wear better than teenagers and younger children. It means the chances of them facing problems linked to overwearing and improper care. Moreover, your optometrist can determine if your child can start wearing contacts.

Can Your Child Wear Contacts?

Before getting contacts for your kid, consider how responsible they are. If they practice proper hygiene, personal grooming, and know how to keep their bedroom clean, they may be able to manage contact lens wear. On the other hand, if you constantly need to remind them about cleaning and good hygiene, they may not be ready for contact yet.

Some kids prefer wearing contact lenses because they do not like how they look with glasses. Contacts can help boost self-esteem and self-confidence in younger individuals. Another reason to consider contacts for kids is that they can sometimes slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. However, if your child feels like contact lenses are not for them, they can always switch back to glasses.

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